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Arabic Language Taster Sessions

Are you interested in learning more about Arabic Language?

To help you take the first steps, the College has designed some taster sessions to kick-start your learning. Prepared by our experienced Arabic Language tutors, these sessions are easy-to-follow bitesize videos, aimed at new learners looking to explore the Arabic language.

As well as videos covering basic phrases, vocabulary, and grammar, you’ll also benefit from access to a range of quizzes and activities to test your knowledge as you go, with unlimited attempts and an opportunity to receive feedback from one of our Arabic language tutors. These materials are all available via our Virtual Learning Environment (Moodle). For free access, please email 


Session 1- Introduction

Session 1 aims to give you a brief introduction to Arabic  language. We start by looking into the Arabic language system to get a better understanding of its structure.

Watch the Session 1 video below:


Session 2- Vowels

Session 2 covers the vowels of the Arabic language.

Watch the Session 2 video below:


Session 3- Letters & sounds

Session 3 introduces you to just a few letters of the alphabet and their sounds.

Watch the Session 3 video below:


Session 4- Writing & reading

Session 4 gives an insight into basic writing and reading skills in Arabic language.

Watch the Session 4 video below:


Session 5- Conversation

Session 5 is the final taster session. Explore simple conversations in Arabic between two speakers.

Listen to the Session 5 audio below:


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