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Certificate in Arabic Language

Low intermediate/ intermediate 

This 1-year programme in Arabic Language is designed for intermediate learners, building on your previous language skills whilst also introducing the cultural aspects of the language.

  • Tuition fees: £1,980
  • Programme level: Low intermediate/ intermediate, SCQF level 8
  • Start date: September or January
  • Study mode: Full-time, Part-time
  • Duration: 1 year

What will I study?

The Certificate in Arabic Language develops the language skills learned in the Introductory Certificate in Arabic Language. It will focus on language skills used in everyday social conversations, current affairs and job-related situations at an intermediate level. The programme also includes cultural and historical themes that provide students with an insight into the history of Arabic speaking countries and surrounding regions.

The programme is designed to prepare students who want to become familiar with Arabic culture, history and the radical changes that are currently happening as well as the language. It will also develop your communication skills if you plan to pursue further education in the academic fields of Middle Eastern studies, religious/Islamic studies and international relations or those who want to live and work in an Arab-speaking country.

The philosophy of this programme is to teach Arabic as a living language to a diverse body of students with a wide variety of academic and professional needs or personal interests. It aims to develop all four skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Arabic is a fascinating language with a long history and diverse numbers of speakers. This programme is designed to develop your knowledge, confidence, and communication skills at level B2 on the Common European Framework Reference (CEFR).

Successful completion of the Certificate allows you to progress to the Diploma in Arabic Language.

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What will I learn?

  • Develop your ability to communicate with native speakers in real-life situations on a variety of topics
  • Enable you to learn and understand the shape, patterns, structures, sounds and conventions of modern standard spoken Arabic in a range of contexts
  • Develop your ability to learn and appreciate different methods of expression in diverse styles
  • To provide you with the opportunity to understand the people and culture of the Middle East by knowing the language
  • Enable you to compose short descriptive and narrative text about topics covered by the programme using numerous grammatical structures and a range of Arabic expressions

Programme information

Entry requirements

*Contact to arrange a placement test

English Language requirements 

Teaching takes place in English and Arabic and you must demonstrate that your English language proficiency is at a level that will allow you to follow your intended programme successfully.

If English is not your first language you must hold a qualification as evidence of your English language skills. Full details of the qualifications we accept, can be found here.

Student Visa requirements for study in the UK

International students looking to study in the UK should note that Arabic Language programmes are not eligible for Student Visa sponsorship.

Full entry requirement information can be found here

Successful completion of the Certificate in Arabic Language allows you to progress to the Diploma in Arabic Language.

Those who study Arabic can find careers in fields such as journalism, business and industry, education, finance and banking, translation and interpretation, consulting, working for local councils or for international organisations.

Graduates might also pursue further studies in translation and Middle Eastern studies.


Teaching & assessment

Each 20-credit unit compromises 200 hours of learning. Each semester consists of 6 hours of teaching and 40 minutes of activities a week. The delivery of this unit will be based on a series of seminars, group discussions/ presentations, virtual learning and tutoring supported by the College materials, information from a reading list and online materials.

In addition to the contact hours, 6 hours of self-study and 40 minutes of preparation for the activities a week should be devoted by students to complete work assigned by the tutor.

Each unit contains different themes based on the level. Within each theme, you will learn a set of vocabulary and grammar topic and will develop your language skills through reading, listening, writing and speaking tasks related to the theme introduced.

The programme is taught through a naturalistic and communicative approach, learning not only the language but also Arabic culture.

Assessment will include two tests, a writing assignment and a final exam (per unit). Each test will concentrate on vocabulary and grammar with the final exam including all four skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening. The writing assignment is composed of 200 words in level 7 and 250 words in level 8. Students are required to present a topic of their choice in Arabic at level 8


You should apply directly using the College online application system and your application will usually be assessed within 3 working days. We my contact you to provide further information or to invite you to a short informal interview.

Please make sure you have the following information before starting your application:

  • Academic transcripts and qualification certificates
  • Proof of English language proficiency (if required)
  • Passport details
  • Referee details

We consider all aspects of the application: academic qualifications, personal statement and references.

All correspondence will be sent from after an application of study has been submitted and you should direct any questions there.

Unit information

Arabic as a foreign language 7

This unit allows you to practice and develop your oral communication skills; train you to listen to and understand spoken Arabic as a sympathetic participant in the native language within a range of contexts and a variety of styles. It offers practice in reading and responding to different types of written language and enables you to produce written Arabic using some complex grammatical structures and a range of Arabic expressions at a low intermediate level. It also provides you with the opportunity to practice knowledge in Arabic in themes relevant to you; hobbies and interests, famous figures, topics in newspapers and customs and traditions of the Arab world. 

Arabic as a foreign language 8

Provides you with the opportunity to converse fluently, accurately and in a participatory fashion in a variety of topics; trains you to understand the patterns, structures and conventions; understand various kinds of authentic texts dealing with a variety of selected topics and to write short, simple narrative and descriptive paragraphs about the topics/themes covered all at an intermediate level. It also offers practical knowledge in Arabic of themes pertinent to the Arab world; civilisations and history, music, technology and internet, unemployment, and environment. 

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