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The College is proud of its distinctive and innovative role as an independent and privately-funded provider of higher education, working in the public sector and for public benefit as a not-for-profit educational charity.

We aspire to provide students with learning opportunities of the highest quality.

We are always ready to respond to the changing needs of our global students, and to continue to deliver the highest-quality learning environment. Our ambition is to continue to work to high academic standards of research, teaching and quality assurance.

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Why study at Al-Maktoum College

As a private institution of higher education, funded primarily by the Al-Maktoum Foundation, the College’s vision for high-quality teaching and learning, enriched by a multicultural perspective makes for a rewarding educational experience.

Its intellectual endeavours dedicated to building bridges between the communities – namely ‘western’ and ‘Muslim’- has resulted in a diverse, friendly and international approach to teaching and studying. This makes the College a somewhat unique establishment in Scotland and in the UK today.

The College aspires to grow as an independent, internationally recognised centre of Higher Education and works to educate the next generation of professionals, both nationally and internationally. Its students are achievers – thinking differently, challenging, examining, defining and provoking positive change within societies and communities from local to global.

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