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A lesson in Scottish politics with Secretary of Justice

Secretary of Justice, Humza Yousaf, introduced overseas female students to Scottish politics during a recent visit to Al-Maktoum College, Dundee.

Mr Yousaf’s visit comes at a significant time as students from the UAE, Malaysia and Egypt prepare to conclude their studies on Al-Maktoum College’s accredited ‘Academic Training Programme in Multiculturalism and Leadership Skills’ at the end of the week.

Acting Head of College, Dr Abubaker, extended a warm welcome to ‘good friend’ Mr Yousaf and thanked him for ‘once again, taking time out of his busy schedule to meet and speak with the academic training programme students’.

Mr Yousaf, in addressing the students, said “It is a pleasure to be returning to Al-Maktoum College and indeed, an honour to welcome all ATP students to Dundee and Scotland. I’m looking forward to opening discussions and answering your questions about Scottish politics, and my role as Justice Secretary in general”.

In recognising the College’s efforts to reinforce an interest in multiculturalism, Mr Yousaf said: “Al-Maktoum as a College is open to everyone, and people from all different nationalities come to study here regardless of their religion, ethnicity, background. It’s inclusivity and unique programmes such as the Academic Training Programme has made a very positive contribution to not only Dundee and its community, but Scotland as a whole”.

The training programme aims to challenge and expand students’ intellectual skills and approaches to leadership, preparing them with the knowledge required to take on managerial positions within a globalised World.

The concluding ceremony- in which a number of invited guests are expected to attend- will take place on Friday and marks the end of the students time in Dundee. The fourth and final week of the programme will be spent in London, and students will attend presentations and sight-see before returning to their home countries.