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New Year Thoughts

One of the main events for the College in 2017 will be another symposium bringing together people from all walks of life to discuss how we can all live peacefully by breaking down barriers to the problems that currently beset us worldwide.

The symposium is a natural extension of our public lectures and our internationally-recognised programmes that encourage debate and dialogue between diverse communities.

During our first symposium, I was struck by the whole-hearted desire of delegates from different ethnic backgrounds, faith and non-faith positions to debate how changes could be achieved.

Shortly afterwards, senior Dundee school pupils visited the College and demonstrated a real commitment to embrace multiculturalism and non-racist attitudes, which are vital to all our futures.

I was heartened by what they had to say. I told them they would be ideal ambassadors with people willing to listen to them.

After all, Dundee is a city that has a fine record in the field of multiculturalism, thanks to the natural friendliness of its people and their straightforward and honest manner.

We are pleased to be in this proud and changing city, focusing on education, research, debate and scientific understanding of Islam and the role of Muslims in the 21st century.

Prof. Hossein Godazgar