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College Council Member on Dundee Fairness Commission

A member of the College Council at Al-Maktoum College of Higher Education has been appointed to sit on the recently established Dundee Fairness Commission.

The Rev. Erik Cramb is a member of the Commission, which has been set up to consider the nature, extent and impact of poverty and poverty of opportunity in Dundee.

In due course, it will make recommendations to the City Council and other appropriate bodies of what can be done to tackle this serious issue.

At a meeting of the Dundee Partnership in 2011, the then Chief Executive of Dundee City Council, David Dorward, referring to inequality in Dundee, said: “This is an evil.”

At the same meeting an unnamed woman was quoted as saying: “When you are struggling to make ends meet, you are treated as rubbish.”

Erik said: “We know fine well that this is true and we know it is wrong. One of the challenges facing the Commission will be how to hear the voice of the unprotected and unconnected, the people who are all too often ignored and considered to be of little account.”

The Commission hopes to consult as widely as it can, and the quality of educational provision is considered an important matter.

“We will be saying: ‘Imagine a better Dundee, a fairer Dundee. The Dundee in which you would like to see your children and grandchildren grow up. What would it look like? What is it that you want us to try to change?'” said Erik.

Principal and Vice-Chancellor of Al-Maktoum College, Dr Hossein Godazgar said: “We wish the Commission well and I am sure Erik will make a positive contribution to its important work.

“We will be happy as well to give it any support we can.”