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Al-Maktoum College Alumni Stories

Al-Maktoum College Alumni Stories

Chat with Dina

Student profile

Name: Dina Ehab Atta

Age: 23

Studied: Multiculturalism and Leadership (Academic Training Programme 2020)


About me

My name is Dina and I am from Egypt. I joined the Academic Training Programme at Al-Maktoum College because it had always been a dream of mine to travel abroad for study and many of my friends had a positive experience at Al-Maktoum College.

From a young age my hobbies have been singing, theatre, reciting poetry, travelling, presenting as well as various other activities. Previously I worked as a TV presenter, an editor and translator for an elite newsletter, as well as volunteered at many initiatives and international events alongside my studies at Cairo University. At university, I majored in Political Science while my minor was in Social Science Computing.


Tell us about your experience studying with Al-Maktoum College

I joined the Academic Training Programme just after finishing my graduation project and final term exams at university. Although the ATP programme was only for a month, my experience at Al-Maktoum College was life-changing. From the enjoyable lectures and historical day trips to the generous hospitality of College staff members, the whole experience was amazing. The topics were really interesting and most were new for me. I particularly enjoyed the parts related to Islam and politics or Islamic finance.

My favourite thing about the programme was that it focused on theory but also included practical parts like workshops or discussion panels. Overall, the programme was well-organised and balanced academic knowledge with cultural experience.

Joining the Academic Training Programme at Al-Maktoum College proved to me that I can achieve my dreams, I can depend on myself and I can travel alone.


How did your time at the College help to prepare you for your career?

The experience increased my self-confidence and my belief in myself. I wish I could relive those days at Al-Maktoum College. After graduating, I worked for a while in an NGO for human rights before becoming the assistant to the Ambassador of Bangladesh in Cairo. Now, I am a freelance translator at an institute for political and strategic studies.


Do you have any advice for prospective students?

My advice to everyone is if you have the opportunity to join Al-Maktoum College, don’t hesitate for even a second. It will be the best experience, you will learn a lot and strengthen your personality. I would jump at the chance to study or work at Al-Maktoum College again.

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