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A Royal welcoming for Al-Maktoum College visiting students

Al-Maktoum College Summer School students received a grand welcoming to one of Scotland’s most prestigious Castles, Glamis.

Upon arrival, students were met by a Scottish bagpiper who played traditional music at the entrance to Glamis Castle, before leading the group further in to the grounds.

Glamis Castle is the childhood home of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother and birthplace of HRH The Princess Margaret.

Students were introduced to the Castles thousand years’ worth of history and received a private tour around its premises, including the grand hall and royal chambers.

The Castle and its grounds are subject to regular visits by members of the British Royal family and remains a popular destination for tourists.

“I have previously studied Scottish history and being able to visit Glamis Castle brought my learning to life. Its one of the most beautiful Castles I have visited in Scotland” said one student.

The Summer School programmes is scheduled to visit a further two well-known Scottish Castles in the coming weeks and look forward to experiencing some of Scotland’s rich past.