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Purpose The purpose of this Masterclass is to enable leaders to learn effective people skills and gain knowledge on how to upskill and be authentic people-centric leaders.

Post-pandemic challenges of remote and hybrid work, and demands made by the competitive global marketplace, plus the need to comply with quality standards, quality awards, good governance, sustainability, and climate change issues, have created great challenges for leaders in organisations.

Sometimes it can be extremely stressful for leaders to cope with it all, in these turbulent times.

How can leaders address these challenges? What skills do they need to learn?

It is urgent that leaders need to be taught specific people skills so that they can learn how to meet their own personal challenges, be resilient and at the same time help people develop their full potential so that they can be competent and happy at work.

These are important questions that need to be addressed,

  • As a leader, how should you lead?
  • In what way can you make your people feel valued?
  • In what way can you enable your people to develop their full potential?
  • In what way can you support your team and help your organisation thrive?
  • In what way can you adopt a people-centric leadership style?
About RHM LEADERSHIP Masterclass™ Leadership and People Skills is a practice-based Masterclass, created by Dr Rozana Huq, for learning-driven leaders, those who are keen to find solutions to these questions, develop their people skills, and help the organisation thrive.

This Masterclass is ideal for leaders who wish to learn how to be authentic people-centric leaders and are eager to embark on this continuous learning journey.

If you are a senior leader or would like to build your career as a leader, then this Masterclass can teach you the all-important people skills that are an absolute necessity for leaders and would-be leaders.

Dates and Duration of the RHM LEADERSHIP Masterclass™ 2-day Masterclass.

17th – 18th October 2023. (10:00 am– 16:00 pm)


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