Accelerating Intrapreneurial Innovation

Course Information
Summary Intrapreneurial and strategic thinking are important knowledge for successful business managers, organizational leaders, and corporate entrepreneurs. The objective of this empirical course is to introduce to the participants the science and art of intrapreneurial thinking as well as the dynamics and complexities involved in strategic intrapreneurial thinking. The participants will be exposed to different techniques and strategies of intrapreneurial and strategic decision-making processes. In addition, the participants would be learning the rationale and the situation for selecting the various managerial approaches just not to create but also find and recognize intrapreneurs for radical innovation, performance, and enterprise growth.
Learning Outcomes 1. Recognize Intrapreneurship as people centric, bottom-up approach of developing in-house radical innovation.
2. Knowing radical innovations and common traps include:
1) familiarity trap – favoring the familiar over unfamiliar,
2) maturity trap – favoring the mature over nascent and
3) propinquity trap – favoring proximity to existing solutions rather than completely new solutions.
3. Applying intrapreneurship concepts for achieving competitive advantage through company growth, developing intrapreneurial culture and breeding talent.
4. Participants will just not be able to create but also find and recognize intrapreneurs in their existing enterprises through vision, preparation, and implementation.
5. Analyze and apply various managerial approaches to support intrapreneurship by ensuring autonomy, responsibility, motivation and incentives or resources.
Duration 05 Days
Date & Venue TBA
Certification & Learning Material After successful completion of the course, the candidates are expected to receive certification and learning material.
Targeted Audience Executives and Senior Executives from different functional areas / departments including marketing, information technology, operations, human resources, entrepreneurs.
Lead Trainer Mir Dost, PhD
Academician | Entrepreneur | Corporate Trainer | Management Consultant | Currently, Dr Dost serves as a Lecturer of Entrepreneurship and Management at Al-Maktoum College of Higher Education, Dundee, Scotland UK. He has delivered several training modules on Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Knowledge Management for Pearson in Oman, consultant for ICIMOD Nepal, Director of research and consultant for NBDP Pakistan. Dr Dost’s research has appeared in high ranked journals and conferences such as Academy of Management, Journal of Knowledge Management, or Intellectual Capital to mention a few.