Other Useful Information

Translation of Your Name and Date of Birth

Students from certain countries, particularly those whose language has a script different from English, may have difficulties with the English spelling of their names.   It will greatly help both you and others if you can decide beforehand:

  • Exactly what spelling your name should take in its English form. (use the spelling in your passport if this is given and not any other form).
  • You should consider using a first name (forename) and your family name (surname).
  • Which part of your surname (if it consists of more than one part) should determine its position in an alphabetical list and indicate this by underlining it when you have the opportunity (Al or El is part of the surname whether this surname is hyphenated or not).

Your exact day, month and year of birth will be essential in Britain when you apply for any documents, such as a driving licence or insurance policy. If in your country only your year of birth is recorded, you should establish the definite date of birth before leaving home and use no other.

Studying in the UK

You might find studying in the UK very different from studying in your home country. At first, the teaching methods or assessment components may be unfamiliar to you. To prepare for this new experience as much as possible, we recommend exploring Prepare for Success which aims to help international students prepare for study in the UK.

Opening a bank account

Opening a bank account is a simple process in the UK.  You should first select which account and bank is most suitable to you and then make an appointment, taking along the required documents.  These are usually:

  • A letter from the College confirming registration
  • Identification (e.g. your passport)
  • Confirmation of your UK address (e.g. a rental agreement)
  • You may also be required to show your visa/BRP

TV licence

In the UK there are strict laws about owning a TV and watching live TV online. If you rent accommodation which has a TV as part of the furnishing, you must check whether you require a licence. More information on prices and how to purchase a licence can be found here

Failure to purchase a TV licence may result in an expensive fine.

Council Tax

Some students will be required to pay Council Tax for the accommodation they are living in whilst in the UK.  This will depend largely on the chosen course of study – please see Council Tax Payment and check with admissions@almcollege.ac.uk in case of any doubt.