Climate & What to Pack

Dundee is a city with very little pollution so the air is fresh and clean. The city benefits from being the sunniest city in Scotland and, as it sits on the east coast, it tends to avoid more extreme winter temperatures. Between December and March, you are likely to experience some snow and ice.

Average Monthly Temperature Range:

Oct-Jan:      1°C – 6°C
Feb-May:    2°C – 10°C
Jun-Sept: 9°C – 19°C

What to pack

You can buy warm clothes in the UK, so no need to pack lots to bring with you. There are several storage facilities in Dundee if you want to leave your belongings here over the summer holidays.

Scotland’s weather can be unpredictable; be prepared by layering up. You may need a waterproof jacket and shoes, hat, gloves & scarf and sunglasses all in 1 day!

The power supply in the UK is 230 volts, 50 Hz. Bring an international travel plug or buy one on arrival to adapt your plug to UK sockets.

Make sure you read the guidelines on electrical appliances if you are staying in student accommodation.