Dr Alija Avdukic

Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor in Islamic Economics & Finance


PhD in Islamic Economics and Finance-  Durham University

Dr Avdukic has a BA from Al-Azhar University (Egypt) and a BA from Damascus University (Syria); continued for Postgraduate Diploma in Islamic Studies from Al-Fatih Institute (Syria); MA in Islamic Economics, Finance and Management Gloucestershire University (UK); PhD. in Islamic Political Economy and Finance, Durham University (UK).

He teaches and supervises research on Islamic Political Economy; Islamic Moral Economy; Islamic Banking, Finance and Management; Political Economy of Development in the Muslim world and Islamic studies related subjects.

He is Deputy Director of MSc Islamic Finance pathway at University of Dundee; Visiting professor for Master programme in Islamic banking and finance for the joint programme School of Economics, University of Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) with University of Bolton (UK). He is also a senior research fellow at Ibn Rush Centre for Excellence (UK). Finally, he is a visiting research fellow of Durham Centre in Islamic Economics, Banking and Finance (UK).

Research Interests

Dr Avdukic research includes the theoretical construction of Islamic moral/political economy as a guiding theory for Islamic finance. Building on the earlier contributions in the post-colonial period made by scholars from the sub-continent, Dr Avdukic aims to systemize Islamic political economy as the defining framework for the moral or social economy. He also develops the discourse around social and develop-mentalist failure of Islamic charitable and financial sectors in relation to the expressed ideals of Islamic moral economy. Dr Avdukic is also involved in empirical research in various aspects of Islamic economics and finance.