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Staff Profile

Name: Heather Walsh

Role in College: Administration Assistant

About Me

My name is Heather, and I am an Administration Assistant at Al-Maktoum College. I am a recent English graduate at Dundee University and have spent time discovering the type of jobs I would enjoy and excel at and genuinely care about. I am a big believer in kindness, curiosity, and optimism which has been reciprocated from the people I have met and began to work with here at Al-Maktoum. I enjoy reading a good book, watching the latest Netflix show, or scrolling through my TikTok and other social media accounts to relate and have a laugh.

Tell me about your experience at Al-Maktoum College

I became employed at Al-Maktoum College after joining their Kickstarter scheme, which offers people from all walks of life and backgrounds the chance to be employed while learning on the job. I am grateful for this opportunity but even more grateful for the warm welcome I received and the support I get every day from the staff. Every single person I have encountered- staff or student- has been kind and friendly which makes for such a positive environment. Working here has helped me learn what line of work I am suited to, as well as learning many new skills while building on the skills I already had.