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College launches suggestion scheme for staff and students

Al-Maktoum College of Higher Education has recently launched a new suggestion scheme for staff and students, giving them a platform to put forward their ideas for the continuous improvement of the College.

Here at the College, we value the power of ideas, and recognise that the greatest ideas can come from anywhere in the organisation. This is why this new suggestion scheme – entitled ‘All Ideas Matter’ (‘A.I.M.’) has been rolled out throughout the College for staff and students.

The suggestion process has been digitised, as the old method of writing suggestions on a slip and putting it in a box is inefficient and outdated. With A.I.M., the individual making the suggestion simply scans the QR code on one of the many posters strategically placed around the College building. This takes them to the online suggestion form which takes only a brief moment to complete. The suggestion is then sent to our dedicated inbox and is reviewed by our team. All suggestions are considered and feedback is provided on the status and whether or not it will be implemented. Ideas which are implemented will be rewarded and any which are not implemented will have clear reasoning and feedback.

The A.I.M. scheme has already proven successful in getting engagement from staff and students and we look forward to seeing more suggestions for the continuous improvement of the College.

Dr Alaa Garad, Director of Academic Programmes at Al-Maktoum College and subject matter expert in organisational learning and business excellence, stated that the suggestion scheme “can be a strategic mechanism for organisational learning and advancing continuous improvement across the college, in addition to enhancing the morale of staff and students. Implemented suggestions will be recognised financially and non-financial; not only for the suggester but all those who contributed to the implementation and shaping the idea.” 

All Ideas Matter!