Microsoft Teams: Student Guide

Getting started 

MS Teams is available to all College staff and students and can be downloaded on to devices here

How to sign in to MS Teams:

  1. In an internet browser, navigate to Office 365 login
  2. Sign in to your Office 365 using your College email and password
  3. Once signed in, click on the Teams app located either on the left-hand side or at the top of your homepage


Join a class with video:

As most classes will take place online, you will be invited to join virtual meetings during scheduled classes. Failure to attend virtual classes will affect your class attendance scores.

  1. Select the calendar icon, situated on the left hand of the screen, to see your scheduled classes.
  2. To enter a class, you should click Join at the time of your scheduled class
  3. Your audio and video will most likely be automatically muted. You should un-mute your microphone and switch on your camera

For further information and to discover MS Teams full functionality, please download our MS Teams Student Guide.

For video tutorial on how to sign in to MS Teams, click here.