Organisational Learning Taster Session- DACC

Dr Alaa Garad (FRSA, CMBE, B.Com, MQM, PhD), visiting Lecturer at Al Maktoum College of Higher Education, will be delivering a session in Organisational learning taster season as part of Dundee Chamber of Commerce webinar series.

Tuesday 11 May, 2pm – 3pm

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About the webinar

Have you ever thought of why companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Xerox are great companies and why they have sustained excellence over the years? Or why some countries like Finland, Norway, and Denmark have some of the best public services globally, keeping them at the top of the world happiness index for decades? And why some individuals are achieving better results than others?

On the other hand, have you thought of why 50% of the Fortune 500 disappear every ten years? Or why some countries stagnate in the same place for decades, sometimes becoming worse in every aspect? It is not only about leadership, not only about people, not about technology, and not just about fortune.

So, what is it?

It is LEARNING. Learning is the only sustainable competitive and collaborative advantage that an individual, an organisation or a government can have. Without learning, we repeat our mistakes and become worse, but we find solutions to our fundamental problems with learning. If we can learn effectively and apply what we learn, we will become better in every aspect. Individuals will unleash their potential and accomplish what they aspire to. Organisations will realise their visions and achieve their strategic objectives; government agencies will satisfy their customers and improve the quality of life; ultimately, we will have a life-long learning nation.

Developed by Alaa Garad and Jeff Gold, the Learning Driven-Organization model is a research-backed model that answers the most difficult questions about performance improvement, excellence, resilience and sustainability. The Learning-Driven Organization Model [LDO] comprises three subsystems and covers all the three levels of learning: Individual, Team and Organisation-wide. The model caters for eight stakeholders and offers more than 46 advantages to organisations and their stakeholders. It is informed by evidence from research and builds on a review of an enormous number of documents, records, manuals, emails, and guidelines (over 3,000 artefacts).


About the speaker 

Dr Alaa Garad is regarded by many as the leading authority in Quality Management and Organisational Learning. His interest is in the use of learning mechanisms on individual, organization, and government levels. Alaa is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce and Certified Management and Business Educator from the Chartered Association of Business Schools, UK.

He is an Associate Professor of Strategic Quality Management at the University of Portsmouth, the UK and a member of ISO Technical Committee TC260. He is an award-winning executive and the creator of the Learning-Driven Organisation Model and the Learning-Driven Business Book. Alaa has worked extensively in consultancy, executive education, and business development with 24+ years of experience designing, leading, implementing, and managing projects in various industries. He authored and contributed chapters to five books in addition to over 370 articles in various newspapers. He is a column writer at one of the leading newspapers in the United Arab Emirates.

Alaa successfully creates, implements, and refines long-term strategies, focused on collaborative partnerships, performance management, futures foresight, and investing in people. He is acknowledged for programmes and processes developed to improve efficiency, profitability, competitive positioning across all organizational levels.

Click here to attend the event hosted by DACC.  

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