Open Lecture – Qur’an Manuscripts and the Qur’an’s Early Written Transmission History

Thursday 28 February at 6pm (rescheduled from 21 February)

About the lecture

After working directly with the earliest extant Qurʾan manuscripts for nearly a decade, Dr Brubaker has become conversant with their character, physical and linguistic features, as well as academic questions that have arisen in recent scholarship around early transmission of the recitation as a written object. This lecture will be a tour of some interesting features including some examples of corrections (Dr Brubaker’s primary work) as well as discussion of script styles and other features of the page including illumination, verse and Sura divisions, and the still-young study of manuscript families.

About the speaker

Dr Daniel Brubaker is a postdoctoral researcher studying early Qurʾan manuscripts as material objects and witnesses to the text and its community in the time of Muhammad and the earliest centuries following his death. Dr Brubaker’s doctoral dissertation centred on scribal corrections in Qurʾan manuscripts of the first three hijri centuries. He received his PhD from Rice University in 2014, and he has traveled the world examining many thousands of folios of the earliest Qurʾan manuscripts before and since the achievement of his doctorate. Dr Brubaker’s research is forthcoming in print, and much of it is also available through Qurʾan Gateway, of which he is a founding member.

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