Open Lecture 01 February 2018 – 6pm

An exploration of Christian-Muslim Relations in Syria, both prior to, and in the midst of, the current conflict

The Rev Andrew Ashdown will discuss the impact of the conflict in recent years by introducing the rich mosaic of both Christian and Muslim communities in Syria and the history of their primarily peaceful coexistence through the centuries. He will talk about how some religious communities are trying to work together to provide a humanitarian response to the crisis and stimulate reconciliation initiatives at local level, whilst acknowledging the profound fracturing that the conflict has engendered. Despite the trauma and pain that the country has suffered, the commitment of many to the recovery of coexistence and tolerance means that Muslim and Christian leaders can play an important part in reconciling the country and rebuilding trust and peace amidst her people.

Rev Andrew Ashdown is an Anglican priest. He has been travelling and leading groups to the Middle East for over 30 years. For years he has engaged with Christians, Muslims and Jews in Israel-Palestine conflict and he has met with many religious and political leaders in Palestine, Egypt, Lebanon and Syria. Andrew travelled to Syria several times, a few times with faith delegations, but mostly independently. He has met with members of all communities and with religious and political leaders of all parties; and has travelled throughout the country in the midst of the conflict. In May 2017, he spent a month independently in Syria undertaking research into the subject of Christian-Muslim Relations in Syria.

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