Online Open Lecture Series 2020/21

From Migration to Mobility to Climate Change: What does ‘Migration’ really mean?

Thursday 18 February, at 6pm

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Al-Maktoum College of Higher Education is pleased to be hosting the Online Open Lecture Series 2020/21.

The free-to-attend Open Lecture Series established back in 2010, has welcomed many speakers from around the world to present here in Dundee- one of Scotland’s most diverse, modern and dynamic cities. These events are highly regarded within the community and play an important role in the College’s mission to establish bridges and build connections between different communities and societies.

We look forward to welcoming guest speaker Dr Kiril Sharapov, Associate Professor, Edinburgh Napier University, as he presents ‘From Migration to Mobility to Climate Change: What does ‘Migration’ really mean?

The Lecture will last 30 minutes followed by a 10-minute window for audience questions and engagement.


Brief Summary of Lecture

This lecture will move across several domains to highlight methodological, theoretical and political complexities involved in talking about and researching migration. Recent political developments, from the ‘War on Terror’ to Brexit, Trump and migration ‘crises’ operate at different levels and scales. What unites and, increasingly, reinforces them is the deployment of nationalistic, racialised and gendered ideas about belonging, victimhood, hostility, anxiety and otherness. Within this context, the role of social science research is to produce and sustain a counter-narrative which opposes the mainstream discourses about migration as always one-way (from the impoverished ‘Global South’ to the wealthy ‘Global North’), always linear (from country A to country B), and always as a threat – to be confronted, stopped, and pushed away from our shores (by wave machines or by clogging boat propellers with nets). 

This lecture will draw on recent research to challenge the classic, static and sedentary perspective of migration as a linear one-time movement from Point A (the origin country) to Point B (the destination country). It will focus on mobility as the social form of contemporary global societies – a socially produced motion, which it practiced, experienced and embodied in power relations.


About the Speaker

Dr Kiril Sharapov is Associate Professor of Applied Social Sciences at Edinburgh Napier University, Associate Director at the Scottish Graduate School of Social Science, and Convenor of the Migration and Mobilities Research Network.

His research focusses on forced migration. He is an internationally recognised expert in the field of human trafficking. By working with vulnerable communities in countries as diverse as Mongolia, Armenia, Ukraine, and Colombia, he has been increasingly focussing on internal displacement linked to climate change.


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Thursday 18 February, 6pm


How to join the Online Lecture

Gaining access is simple and free- viewers will need a laptop/PC, tablet or smartphone. Click on the video conferencing ‘Zoom’ link provided by the College (usually sent on the day of the lecture) a few minutes before the event begins. to access the streaming platform called ‘Zoom’. After clicking the Zoom link, viewers will be held in a virtual waiting room. From there, the Alm College Events team will submit viewers into the live lecture.

Upon entering the lecture, microphones will automatically be muted and webcams automatically turned off. If viewers wish to ask a question at the end of the lecture using your microphone, there will be an opportunity to do so.

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