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Writing Teach Yourself Sumerian– Online Webinar Series


Trinity College Dublin joins Al-Maktoum College of Higher Education for another Online Middle Eastern Studies Webinar. Delivered by lecturers from the Al Maktoum Centre for Middle Eastern Studies, Trinity College Dublin, the webinar series is a window into the astonishing variety and interest of themes and questions in research on the Middle East. The webinar will give a flavour of postgraduate-level study of the Middle East, ancient and modern. It serves as a way of learning more about the newly launched masters degree in The Middle East in a Global Context’ at Trinity College Dublin.

Join us on Thursday 16 December, 6pm (UK time)

Dr Martin Worthington, Al Maktoum Associate Professor in Middle Eastern Studies, Trinity College Dublin will be joined by his co-author, Mark Chetwood, as they present “Writing Teach Yourself Sumerian

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About the webinar

Sumerian, unrelated to any other known language, was spoken in the South of ancient Iraq, and written in the Cuneiform script. It died out about 4000 years ago, and is not yet completely understood. Is it even possible, then, to write a ‘Teach Yourself’ book about it?  And what would such a book look like? The presenters, who are writing precisely this book (to be published in 2022), here explain some of the special challenges which Sumerian poses, how they handled them, and what they have learned along the way – both about how to teach the language, and about Sumerian itself.  It is a story likely to appeal to anyone interested in language-learning, ancient or modern. No previous knowledge of Sumerian is required – and no exam will be held at the end!

Those interested in scouting out ahead of the talk might be interested in the translations on the ‘Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature’- click here.


About Dr Martin Worthington

Born in York and raised in Italy, Martin first encountered the Ancient Near East at UCL, and started learning its languages at the University of Leipzig. In due course he took a doctorate, then held postdoctoral positions at St John’s College, Cambridge, and SOAS. From 2012-2020 he was a lecturer at the University of Cambridge, and he joined Trinity in August 2020.

His books include Principles of Akkadian Textual Criticism (2012), Teach Yourself Complete Babylonian (2nd ed. 2018), and Ea’s Duplicity in the Gilgamesh Flood Story (2019). He also directed the world’s first film in ancient Babylonian (The Poor Man of Nippur), launched on Youtube in 2019. He is currently working on a book project called ‘Sargon’s Riddle’.

About Mark K Chetwood

Mark studied Classics at Dulwich College and Cambridge University, then enjoyed a successful business career as an international sales and marketing executive in the Information Technology industry. Since retiring in 2015, he has returned to his love of the classical and ancient world. As well as revisiting ancient Greek language and literature, he has studied Babylonian with Dr Martin Worthington, with whom he is now co-authoring ‘Complete Sumerian’.


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Thursday 16 December, 6pm

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