Senior Pupil Conference

The Senior Pupil Conference has been running since 2008 and the aim of the event is to provide pupils in Dundee with a more in-depth knowledge and understanding of topics related to multiculturalism and Islam.

Pupils will have the opportunity to engage in relevant and topical discussion with academic staff and students of the College. The event runs for a full day (09.00 – 15.00) at Al-Maktoum College and is made up of lectures, workshops and small group discussions. Pupils will be expected to prepare presentations and posters to exhibit to the group.

Previous topics include:

  • Jihad and Terrorism
  • Gender in Islam
  • Sustainable Development
  • Peace in the Qur’an

The event is open to senior (S5/6) pupils in Dundee. If your school is interested in attending and for more information, please contact